Kevin Schellinger

Tech Entrepreneur | 🇨🇭 Web3 Pioneer

Decentralization is a vital property to scale civilization.

CEO & Co-Founder

I'm co-founder and CEO of the startup 1delta, a DeFi aggregator protocol that allows the composition of margin positions leveraging the liquidity of lending pools.

A 10-Year Journey in Web3
Building a More Equitable Economy

Switzerland played a crucial role in the rise of crypto and provided an environment for lighthouse projects like Ethereum to get started.As co-founder of one of the first Swiss crypto companies, I was able to play an active role in this early industry.Forbes recognized my activities in the category leadership of the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Switzerland.

Co-Founder of Switzerland's First Crypto Exchange

SwissCEX was the first Swiss-based crypto exchange and was one of Switzerland's first crypto companies.Launched in early 2014, it merged with ECUREX in 2015 which got acquired in 2017.The company was supported by Venture Kick and private supporters.

Solar Impulse
First Solar-Powered Flight Around the World

I had the opportunity to work at this unique project. The pioneering spirit helped me to have the courage pursuing bold ideas in my own field.As a Solar Impulse team member, I'm now a proud owner of two FAI world record certificates.

About Solar Impulse

The project, led by Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, developed the first manned solar aircraft to circumnagivate the globe, setting a total of FAI 19 world records.The project showcased the potential of renewable energy in aviation and raised sustainability awareness. In 2016, Solar Impulse 2 completed its historic worldwide journey.

B.Sc. in Computer Science
Google Glass Project

For my thesis of my bachelor's degree in computer science, under the supervision Prof. Dr. Karl Rege, we developed a head-up display for paraglider pilots on Google Glass.

This award-winning project was featured in numerous publications including Swiss national television (SRF) and Switzerland's most popular newspaper 20 Minuten.
The bachelor thesis was awarded the highest possible grade.

Health & Longevity
Living Forever

Longevity research is picking up momentum. Some researchers already believe that we have reached longevity escape velocity, the time when science can increase our lifespan every year by more than a year.I'm following health and longevity projects from David Sinclair, Andrew Huberman, and Bryan Johnson.Currently developing my personal health regimen which I might make available to a larger audience at a later point.

First Principle Based

Intellectual curiosity has always been the driving force behind my actions. Heavily influenced by many of the great thinkers, the foundation of my mental model of the world is grounded in physics, primarily statistical mechanics.The laws of thermodynamics are the most general and robust laws we know of which allow us to explain the most important topics in a simple way and reliable way.

21st Century Philosophy

Humanity is developing at an exponential pace. The introduction of robots and artificial intelligence into our economy is changing the value and purpose of humans rapidly.The need for new philosophies is greater than ever. Join me on this quest of intellectual exploration.

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